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Wednesday 17th August 2016

Mostly Mischief by H.W.Tilman

Mostly Mischief by H.W.Tilman

'Mostly Mischief' is another Tilman sailing and mountaineering book published in the new series by Vertebrate Publishing.

The book includes four great voyages by Tilman, mostly in 'Mischief', his own 45 foot pilot cutter. Three sailing adventures take part in the far north when he visits either East Greenland or West Greenland and Baffin Island. The fourth story is a trip to the sub-Antarctic Heard Island lying at 53 degrees south in 'Patanela', a 63 foot steel schooner.

Since the first publication of these stories back in 1966 nothing has changed in terms of Tilman's prose. He still has a gift for understatement and a witty self-deprecating writing style when it comes to describing both great achievements and unfortunate mishaps. What is different is that Lodestar Books and Vertebrate Publishing have provided us with a pleasant low weight volume with a foreword and afterword which help us to see Tilman from the perspective of others who have either met him or actually sailed with him.

Another worthy addition to any sailor-mountaineer's bookshelf.

Monday 8th August 2016

Old Man of Stoer

Rock climbing variety with Will and Sam

Over the weekend I was out climbing with Will and Sam. The forecast didn't look too promising with a weather front coming in from the west sometime on Saturday and some very strong winds forecast for Sunday.

Will and Sam were particularly keen to climb the Old Man of Stoer. So we hatched a plan; we got up at 4am, left the car at 5am and started the climb at 6:30am. We were on top by 8am and in the Lochinver Pie Shop for lunch before the rain arrived in the afternoon.

On Sunday we decided to head east and try to find some shelter. We didn't find much shelter from the 50mph winds but we did do some good climbing at Creag Bheag aka The Mound.

Will climbing on the Old Man of Stoer Will and Sam on the top of the Old Man of Stoer
Sam climbing at Creag Bheag Will climbing at Creag Bheag